vineri, 22 iulie 2011

Shit happens !

Hey ,hei blog :D:D.Sorry for forgetting you :">

Can't belive I'm falling in love with the wrong guy .. again.

No one can accuse me of falling in love with the wrong person if inside I know he is the one.But the question is "he's really the one ?" Dunno..I mean it was something like love at first sight and that's fucking freakin' me out.

Dude ,except of Eminem ,we kinda don't have anything in common.

I'd tell him that I like him even I may be seen like a retard ,but I'm scared.Actually I don't even know why I'm scared..beacuse of his answer or because I'm a lil confused..

Well ,that's my luck

~choose them with the left ,loose them with the right ~

UHMMM ,pleec!! I'm gonna miss my bubas :o3.

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